2nd Self-Care Mastery Key: Courage

Welcome back lovelies! Last week I introduced the concept of self-care mastery, as I am leading you on a journey of 5 keys to achieve it. We discussed the concept of commitment as the first key. How was that experience for you? I would love to hear in the comments below.

This week we are diving into the second key to self-care mastery: Courage

Self-care mastery not only requires a commitment that you are making it a priority in your life, but the ongoing willingness to look at yourself with honesty and concern to say what is true for YOU! Your dreams are unique and your path to self-care mastery will be too. I have had clients ask me what is self-care and what does it look like, and my response is that it is different for everyone. Some people may enjoy activities outside or vigorous exercise. Others may see self care as a pampering experience, like manicures and pedicures, massages, or long hot bubble baths. Or even the act of re-decorating a room or organizing a closet could be seen as self-care for some individuals. It is different for everyone and that should be recognized and celebrated. Having the courage to seek and speak authentically about what you need in your life for self care is a core component of creating self-care mastery. It requires ongoing willingness, which is willingness even in times where it may be challenging to speak out or seek what you need. Many of us are willing to make changes, few of us have that ongoing willingness to stick it out when times may be tough. Have the courage to seek what you need and declare it to those around you.


This week I challenge you to have the courage to declare what you have committed to as part of your self-care mastery. This additional accountability will strengthen that courage muscle! Whether you are accountable by telling a family member or friend, or have accountability on social media is your choice, but take the step this week to be courageous by speaking truthfully on what it is you need and want in your life.

Have an amazing week and be courageous! We will continue your path to self-care mastery next week!

Much Love,



The 5 Keys to Self-Care Mastery

The 5 keys to self-care masterymelissaescaro.com

The concept of mastery is an interesting one. We admire individuals who have obtained extensive knowledge in particular fields. For me, I have the utmost respect for individuals who excel in the personal development field with classic teachings, like Tony Robbins or more “fresh faces” who deliver this information in innovative ways like Mastin Kipp and Gabrielle Bernstein. We listen to masters because they have made huge impacts on our society and have made a difference.

To achieve mastery in our own lives is fundamental to share our unique gifts and true potential. Through self-mastery, we live our best lives, authentically, fully, and vibrantly. Through self-care, we set an intention to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health, allowing us to feel more connected to ourselves and the world. Imagine the personal and professional possibilities that would open up by becoming masters in our own self-care!

So how does one become a master of their self-care? Over the next five weeks, I am going to be exploring the keys to your own self-care mastery and leave you with a mini challenge for the week to begin to implement into your own life. I encourage you to participate each week, and as simple as each key may sound, look at each one with a fresh set of eyes. Too often we minimize the concept of self-care; intellectually we know what we should do, but how often do we actually do it?

So here is this week’s first key to self-care mastery: Commitment

For you to develop self-care mastery you must first be committed to it. You must want to do it and decide that you will! Self-care must become an absolute must, non-negotiable aspect of your life for you to have that level of commitment for mastery. Just like you wouldn’t walk out of the house without brushing your teeth (I hope you wouldn’t!), you wouldn’t skip out on a self-care ritual, whether it is a nature walk, ten minute meditation session, or evening journaling session. Commitment is believing that self-care is important for your own wellbeing and investing your time and energy in developing yourself in this way. Self-care needs to be non-negotiable, in fact a must in your life, rather than a should, at a level of commitment that makes it a high priority.

This week I challenge you to commit to 3 things you must do as part of your self-care mastery. Write down your commitment for self-care mastery. By writing out your commitment, rather than keeping it in your mind, you are making your ideas and thoughts even more real and achievable.

Make your commitment and set your in10tion to live your very best life! We will continue next week on self-care mastery!

Much Love,


PS- Please make sure you check-in next week…I have a SUPER exciting announcement I’m making that I am BURSTING to tell you! xoxo

Protect Yourself From Self-Care Sabotage!

As usual, it has been a really busy time, but what I have loved about this summer has been my commitment to spend time with people I love and taking time for me too! I spent this weekend again at Assateague Island with my family, I never get tired of that place! It was a beautiful beach day and we did see ponies, as they were preparing for the town’s annual pony swim.

Sunday I spent the morning with my mom getting manicures and pedicures. It was so nice to spend this one on one time with my mom, catching up on life. She is not only an amazing mom, but an amazing coach to me, as I have been going through my own personal and professional transformation. This time with my mom sparked up thoughts about the significance of having self-care routines in place.

As silly as it sounds, manis and pedis have become a really significant part of my self care routine. Up until a year ago, I had never done this regular ritual. I have been a chronic nail biter all my life. It’s a nervous, dirty habit..I know! Sometime this past year I started getting this treatment on a regular basis. I had decided to #1: Take the time for myself and #2: Spend the money on myself. Both of these were big blocks to get over…for the longest time I had the hardest time justifying that I could take an hour of my day for something that “wasn’t productive”, as well as spend money on something that was more of a luxury than a necessity. … 

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