The 5th Key to Self-Care Mastery: Compassion

We have made it to the final key to self-care mastery. It is time to put all the pieces together as you are nurturing your body, mind, and soul with self-care. I am so proud of you for taking this journey so far, committing to what you want, having the courage to declare it and the confidence to follow through, and the curiousity to always learn and try new things. Now we move to the final key, a very important one to bring all of these aspects together.

The fifth key to self-care mastery: Compassion

As you continue to grow and develop, challenges will come up that will frustrate you or make you susceptible to self-judgement. Personal development isn’t all rainbows and butterflies! You may forget to enjoy the experience as you are going through this process. You may struggle with being a perfectionist in the process and allow your inner mean self to do the talking. Having compassion for yourself is key. Be kind and gentle with yourself; you are learning something new. Embrace your imperfections and treat yourself with the compassion you would for any close friend, as we often treat others better than ourselves.

This week’s challenge is simple in theory, but often challenging to do for ourselves. Give yourself permission to be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a break and be compassionate. Remember that self-care mastery is a life long journey with ups and downs. Some days you may rock at it, and some days you may suck at it. Trust the process and that you are exactly where you need to be.


As you consider your own journey to self-care mastery, which of these qualities have been most essential? I would love to hear more about your journey over these past 5 weeks! Please feel free to comment!

Have a wonderful week as you continue your journey towards self-care mastery. Stay tuned for some more exciting things to come!

Much Love,


The 4th Key to Self-Care Mastery: Curiosity

We have been on a journey of self-care mastery, making this a priority in our life to nurture ourselves and our gifts. By now, you may have some self-care routines and rituals set in place..that is amazing! You also may have a better idea of what self-care looks like for you. This week’s key to self-care mastery will keep you on your toes and always learning something new about yourself!

The fourth key to self-care mastery: Curiosity

As you continue your journey to self-care mastery, it is super important that you stay curious and in a state of wonder. When you think you know something, you tend to not move outside your comfort zone and limit what you can learn. Curiosity will give you the opportunity to learn and try new things that are part of your self-care mastery, deepening your awareness about yourself and igniting your creativity. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself an artistic person, but want to try an art class. Or maybe you have a challenge with sitting still and are open to learning more about meditation. Always stay curious because it opens up so many opportunites for you to learn and grow! Curiosity also creates a state of playfulness, which is something that we too often don’t return to as adults. Playfulness is a part of our personality that creates a lightheartedness and happiness, a place that we should return to often. Be curious to create playfulness.


This week’s challenge is to do just that…be curious. Try something new this week as part of your self-care routine. Be open to a new experience and have fun with it! You may surprise yourself!

Stay in a state of curiosity to expand your learning! Have an adventurous week and I will see you soon as we conclude this series to self-care mastery.

Much Love,


The 3rd Key to Self-Care Mastery: Confidence

We are back this week on our path to self-care mastery! By now you know what you are committed to and have been courageous with seeking it out and speaking about it. Now it is time for when the rubber meets the road. This is the point in your process where you may question yourself or feel awkward in the process. Which is why this third key is perfect timing in your self-care mastery journey.

The third key to self-care mastery: Confidence

Undertaking a path of self-care mastery is ongoing and presents many opportunities for personal growth. Anytime you are growing you are going to experience feelings of uncomfortableness. I let my clients know if it feels awkward and uncomfortable, to celebrate, because you are growing and learning something new about yourself. It is that stage of learning that is called conscious incompetence, where you realize that you are awkward and not as smooth as you thought. But if you stick it out, you will move onto a phase where the process becomes more and more natural, and before you know it, will become second nature and a part of who you are. Having the confidence that you are heading in the right direction, even in those moments where things are really challenging will help you stay on task with your self-care mastery.


This week’s challenge is to nurture more confidence within yourself to help you on your journey of self-care mastery. To remind yourself of that inner confidence that you already possess within, you need to go back to your why for self-care in your life. What is your in10tion that lies behind your reason for self-care mastery? How would you feel on a daily basis, knowing that you are taking time to nurture your body, mind, soul? Write down your in10tion for self-care mastery and post it somewhere where you see it daily. By seeing your in10tion and reading it daily, it will foster a level of inner confidence that strengthens each day. leading to a level of self-care mastery.

Set your in10tion to nurture the inner confidence that you already possess within. Have a beautiful week!

Much Love,